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Holidays are the chances that people look to escape into an intensification of the conditions of ordinary life, into a deliberate aggravation of those conditions: further from nature, nearer to artifice, to abstraction, to total pollution, to well above average levels of stress, pressure, concentration and monotony.

In the English-speaking world a holiday can mean a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation, the North American equivalent is "vacation". Many Canadians will use the terms vacation and holiday interchangeably when referring to a trip away from home or time off work. In Australia the term can refer to a vacation or gazetted public holiday, but not to a day of commemoration such as Mothers' Day or Halloween. provides all information on travelling on holidays like hotel, resorts, air travel, adventure travel, budget travel, family travel guides, travel tips, destination guides, currency exchange rates, business travel, luggages, lodging, train travel, travelogues.

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